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Garindan Images!

Check out some new images of the newly released (and becoming harder to find) Garindan Gentle Giant Mini Bust! Click any image below to see them all!

GG Announces August's PGM Winner & COTM!

Posted by Gentle Giant Ltd:


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals...Alain S of France has been chosen to receive a Clone Wars Arc Trooper Maquette as our August Vault Give-Away winner!! And for the GGC Collection of the Month, Xnoybis will receive the rare 100th Gold Boba Fett Bust-Up!!!


These are the Vault Give-Aways for the rest of the year:


September - Mos Eisley Cantina Bookends


October - Professor Snape Mini Bust


November - Mara Jade Mini Bust


December - One lucky collector will receive all of the following items: Jabba Statue, Jabba's Band Statue, Slave Leia Accessory Pack and Bib Fortuna Statue


Good luck to all our Premier Guild Members! Congratulations once again to Alain and Xnoybis!


 If you are an active PGM member, then you are already entered for the September.

If you want to enter the Gentle Giant Collection of the Month for September (no PGM required). Click the image below for more info on how to enter your collection!

Yak-Face and Holiday Yak-Face High Res Shots and Info!


Take a high resolution look at the upcoming Gentle Giant PGM Exclusive, Yak Face, as well as, the Holiday version of him (he will be the 2009 annual Gentle Giant Holiday Gift). Look for him to go up for pre-order today for Gentle Giant PGM members.

The message boards have been buzzing for weeks about how this will be distributed and sold. Below is the breakdown on how you can add him to your collection. This was confirmed by Gentle Giant.

Box Style/Package #1 - Only For PGM Members - Comes with Yak Face Mini Bust and 3 "Accessories": Antlers, Candy Cane and Staff. This will allow the PGM Members to display him in both regular and holiday deco (very cool idea). Look for this to go up for pre-order as early as today for a limited time.

Box Style/Package #2 - This will be sent to the people on the Annual Holiday List from GG (dealers, sponsors, lucas people, reps, etc) - Comes with Yak Face Mini Bust and JUST the Holiday Deco (since it's a GIFT): Antlers, Candy Cane and do not have the staff. This will not be able to be purchased. The bust will be identical to the one offered by PGM, it just won't be packaged with the extra staff.

Click below for the an exclusive first look at super high resolution shots of each of the styles:

Wall-E and Eve Maquette First Look!

(click the images for full size view in our forums)

New Q&A with GG Ltd!

The team from Gentle Giant Ltd. was again kind enough to answer a bunch of questions  our members had. They also let us know a few tidbits that have not been announced beforehand! Some things that were answered were:

With the low editions (like for 4-LOM) and some other upcoming busts, does GG still guarantee the preorders for their PG Members?

When is the Magma Trooper shipping?

When is a new image for the awesome Bantha coming? Would love to see the base choice as well as the other Tusken!

Can you give us more info about the 10/1 Collection of the Year?

Do you plan to be at Star Wars Celebration 5 and if so, any exclusives you can let us know about?

All these questions, and many more, can be read by clicking here or the image below (please note a free forum account will be needed to view the boards)

Spectacular Gentle Giant Premier Guild Offering!

The Gentle Giant Staff has been laboring away in our warehouse and have come across some excellent finds! We would like to offer these collectibles to our Premier Guild Members to fill holes in their collections. We will be offering these items at the current prices of like items. These products will be sold on a first come first serve basis. As we continue to clear our warehouse to make space for upcoming releases; we will be offering groups of these limited edition collectibles on a weekly basis over the next few weeks. There are very limited quantities of these premium sale items; ranging from 1 piece to several dozen of others. We will be offering Artist Proofs, Promotional and even some Low Edition Pieces!

Below is a preliminary listing some of the rare collectibles that will be going up for sale tomorrow, Friday, August 28th at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. We will send out a full listing tomorrow prior to the launch and we will set up a blog page with links as well. Remember that links will not be active until 2:00 pm PST and you must be logged into your account to add the items to your cart.

Salacious Crumb Mini Bust - Promos

Darth Malak Mini Bust - Promos

Voldemort Mini Bust - Promos

Grievous Mini Bust - Low Edition # 3-8

Obi-Wan Bust - Artist Proof 19-24

Han Solo Mini Bust - Low Edition # 9, 12-15 and Promos

Clone Trooper Pilot Mini Bust - Low Edition # 11-16

Biker Scout Mini Bust - Low Edition # 11-14

Greedo Mini Bust - Low Edition # 9-16

C-3PO AOTC Mini Bust - Low Edition # 2-8

Yoda Mini Bust - #s 1969-1979

Dementor Mini Bust - Low Edition # 6 and 8
Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Maquette - Promos

Clone Wars Barriss Offee and Luminara Unduli Maquettes - Low Edition # 5-8

Count Dooku Bust - Artist Proof 17,18, 21-24

Jango Fett Bust - Artist Proof 21-24

Professor Snape Mini Bust - Low Edition # 2-8

Animated Leia Maquette - Low Edition # 2-4

Persephone Mini Bust - Low Edition #16

Deluxe Clone Trooper ROTS Mini Bust - Low Edition # 13-18

Please be careful when placing your orders as the following rules will apply:

  • All sales are final. (Unless actual collectible piece is damaged or defective)
  • If you place several individual orders; due to the nature of this offering shipping cannot be combined.
  • Each collectible is limited to one per Premier Guild Member. Duplicate orders for the same item for the same customer will be cancelled.

New Item Images and Info! 

(Click images for full size high res images)

Price Guides August Update!! 

Our Price Guides have been updated for the month of May. There has been a decent amount of fluctuation from the last update. There have been some great deals on many items for those that have been keeping a watch on the secondary market! On the other hand, some of the harder to find items (even from retired lines) are holding their value or increasing it.

For readers not familiar with our Guides, we process them manually to ensure they are accurate. The Price Guide team looks at completed ebay auctions, ebay stores, online retailers who sell in the secondary market, yahoo auctions, popular message board sale sections, as well as other places on the web to determine the true value of each piece on the secondary market. It is both a useful tool if you are looking to fill a hole in your collection, or if you have the misfortune of having to part with one of your pieces and need to have an idea what you can expect it to sell for. Our very popular Image Guides are also integrated into the section. 

Click here to check them out!

Discovery Channel Tours Gentle Giant Studios!

At the end of June, Science of the Movies on Discovery Channel toured Gentle Giant Studios and showed a "behind the scenes" view of how some of our favorite collectibles get made, you can now check out the entire segment below (in two parts):


Posted at ToyFare.com:

Welcome to the Great Star Wars Fan Pollónot just one, but five different fan polls that will affect the future of some of your favorite Star Wars collectibles lines, as seen in ToyFare #146. Some of these polls will let companies know what fans are most interested in seeing; some of them will result in an actual Fanís Choice figure being made.

Click here to vote on  Star Wars mini-busts from Gentle Giant!

Gentle Giant New Products Edition Size!

We spoke with Gentle Giant LTD today and got some edition sizes for the 2009/2010 products that many collectors have been asking about. As they have stated before GG is getting back to making there items more limited with lower runs, something fans and collectors have been asking for. If you have yet to pre-order some of these and see a low run, it might be a good time to preorder!

Magma Trooper Statue- 300
Boba Fett/Stormtroopers Statue -1000
Boba Fett/Carbonite Maquette Ė 1750
Wicket Maquette -Approx 800
Blue Coat Variant Han Solo Hoth Bust - 600
Han Solo Hoth Bust -1300
Snowtrooper Bust - 1600
4-LOM Bust - Approx 900
Darth Talon Bust - 1500


GG Announces July's PGM Winner & COTM!

Posted by Gentle Giant Ltd:

Our PG Vault winner for July is Faris R. of Texas! Farris will be receiving a Commander Cody Mini Bust! Congratulations Faris and Thank you for being part of our club and your continued support!

Let's Also Congratulate Sarum as our Collection Of the Month Winner for July!

Congrats to both Winners! If you are an active PGM member, then you are already entered for the August. If you want to enter the Gentle Giant Collection of the Month for August then click the image below and enter it today (no PGM required).

Click the image below for more info on how to enter your collection!

Gentle Giant Coming Soon Video!

Check out this very cool teaser video (first posted at StarWars.com during SDCC) about some new items on the horizon! It also includes some "making of" images and even time lapse of the creation of the Bantha Statue!

Please note we spoke with GG and confirmed not all the 2-d concepts will be coming out right away, but we will be seeing a good amount of them in the near future!


Republic Commando Pre-Orders!

Posted by Gentle Giant LTD to PGM members:

Over the years Gentle Giant has received many requests for the Delta Squad Clone Troopers from the Lucasarts video game Republic Commando. So it comes with great pleasure that we can grant the wishes of our dedicated Star Wars collectors world wide!

We are opening pre-orders for the Republic Commando Mini Busts (single pieces) to our Premier Guild Members TODAY, Wednesday, August 5th at 12 noon PST. Please note that you must be logged into your account to activate the links. Links will not be accessible until 12 noon PST!

Star Wars At-At Mini Bust First Look!

(click the image for full size view in our forums)


A Closer Look at the Beautiful Slave Leia Mini Bust!

(click the image for full size view)

SDCC 09 Gentle Giant Coming Soon Video!

 Check out this very cool teaser video posted at StarWars.com about some of the items we saw this week from Gentle Giant and also some new items on the horizon!

It also includes some "making of" images and even time lapse of the creation of the Bantha Statue! Click here or below to check it out!

New SDCC Image Gallery!

Check out our next gallery which features 30 more images, covering  Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Halo, Horror and more. Click any image below to see the entire gallery!


GG012.jpg GG014.jpg GG032.jpg

SDCC 09 Gentle Giant Exclusive Dumbledore Richard Harris Mini Bust 360 Video