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Shortly after the Jumbo Cantina Playset was announced for public sale, Mark reached out to Gentle Giant LTD to get some more details for his Special Report that you will only find here!

All questions were answered by Gentle Giant LTD head of graphic design, Matt Heyerly and Director of Product Development, Ashly Powell.

Mark (GGC) - Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about the Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Kenner Cantina Playset.

The first glimpse we got of this was from Greg in a Video Tour of the booth at SDCC, with a tease that one would be given away after the con at GentleGiantLTD.com, it was a massive hit at the show and today we got the info that anyone can now own one. Our first question is, how big is this bad boy?

GG LTD: The Playset is  20.70" H x 37.5" W x 21" D, the Outer Box is 18.75" H x 20.87" W x 1.45" D

How will it be packaged? Will collectors be able to assemble it for display and put it back in it’s package like the 12” line?

The playset will come in the vintage packaging like the original. I have included some images. And yes! It will be assembled very close to the original.


Can you let us know a little bit more about the development and creation process for this?

Our art department worked meticulously with a custom print & packaging facility right here in California. The end result was a high-resolution, 20 inch tall die-cut recreation. Printed on corrugated heavy cardstock, our Jumbo Cantina is divided into 2 separate folding sections, which can assemble very easily.

So with the engineering part out of the way there was one question remaining: How do we package this thing? Easy! Stay with the theme of our Jumbo vintage line and recreate the outer box using original Kenner art & product photography. The playset slides easily in and out of the box so proud collectors can either showcase the piece as a standalone or keep in the packaging. And being true to the original, our Jumbo Cantina includes a sheet of vintage style assembly instructions. Insert TAB-A into SLOT-B!

One of the questions we have been getting a lot via e-mail and on Facebook and Twitter is the $89 price tag, can you give us a little more info into the quality of the product and why it’s at this price point?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, the fact of the matter is that things aren’t cheap to make. This cardboard play-set is being printed right here in the U.S.A. Actually, in our neighborhood. We wanted to make sure we could get this out in December. And while it will be close, printing here in the USA will allow for a quicker production turn-around, and will support a local business. Lastly, doing a small print run of such proportions there are set-up fees regardless of how many you are printing. Plus you have to consider our art team and royalties…. There’s a lot to consider. But I think our collectors will be really happy with the quality of this really unique vintage re-make!

Will this be the only way this is ever offered or will we see a bundle down the line that includes this with maybe an unreleased member of the Cantina or is this a one shot deal if collectors want to have this?

Currently, we have no other plans to offer this item at another time. If a collector is eyeballing this set, then I would highly suggest to get it now.

Now that we have the Playset, does that mean other “out of the box” items could be coming our way scaled to the 12” Line (example – additional accessory pack or vehicles)

Absolutely. Of course we have to get approval from our friends at Hasbro and Lucas Licensing. But it is definitely something we would like to do.


Big Thanks to Matt Heyerly and Ashly Powell!


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